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Ontario Parks Blog: Backcountry at Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Today’s post hails from Grundy Lake Provincial Park, courtesy of Park Clerk Courtney Lafleur and Natural Heritage Education Leader Jessica Schulze. You’re an experienced car-camper. You’ve got a favourite campsite. You’ve memorized your ideal site setup, and can put your campsite together in record time. But now you’re ready to up your camping game and try something different. Something a little bit off the beaten path. Grundy Lake Provincial Park is the perfect spot to test the backcountry waters! Why is Grundy Lake’s backcountry ideal for beginners and families? Campsites are easily accessible by canoe or kayak, just a short paddle from various access points throughout the park. Our sites, while paddle-in only, do not require any portaging. Want to practice your portaging skills? Grundy Lake has a few portaging trails where you can practice without the pressure of having a full canoe of equipment. Some campers are looking for multi-hour or -day backcountry paddling, but this may be a …

Spring in Algonquin Park. Moose Watching Season.

If you never been to Algonquin Park in spring time you may want to give it a shot in May. We've been to Algonquin several times in May and every time we've spotted moose.

Spring offers the year's best Moose viewing and you typically don't have to search very hard to see Moose. The application of salt to Highway 60 during winter road maintenance operations, attracts Moose to roadside ditches. Moose with salt deficient winter diets, capitalize upon this unnatural source of salt and chances are you'll see a half dozen or more of these magnificent animals during a leisurely drive along Highway 60 on a May morning or evening.

Moose (and other wildlife) pose a serious danger to drivers. Stay alert as Moose can be on the road or standing in roadside ditches and are often surprisingly hard to see. Each year Moose and other wildlife are killed in vehicle collisions. Reduce your speed (especially at night) and help save the lives of Algonquin Park's Moose and possibly e…

Tips to budget your summer travel plans

With March break and Easter in the rear view mirror, Canadians' attention is now focused on a summer vacation. While vacations are remembered for the time spent with loved ones, a successful vacation starts well before you arrive at your destination. Being able to switch off and engage a vacation mindset and successfully leave stress behind is all about planning and budgeting. One of the biggest disrupters of this vacation mindset is worrying about the financial costs of the trip. Dealing with the low Canadian dollar, getting the best deal on your package and budgeting the trip into your yearly financial plan are concerns that we deal with when planning a vacation. The most important part of budgeting a vacation into your yearly financial plan is to determine how much money you are comfortable allocating and building the plans out from there. As soon as you establish a figure, you will be able to navigate through the planning process while still feeling in control. Exploring the …

8 tips for Buying a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle in Canada

The last thing you want to do while gas prices are low is sabotage your savings by driving a gas guzzler. Consider these tips from Natural Resources Canada for buying a greener, more fuel-efficient vehicle. The long-term savings will be worth it. 1. In most cases, the smaller the vehicle, the better. Don't buy a large vehicle if you do not need it. Rent a trailer or larger vehicle when needed for hauling heavier cargo or more passengers. 2. Consider a manual transmission. Manual transmissions are generally more fuel-efficient than automatics, especially combined with a tachometer or shift indicator. 3. Gear up an automatic transmission. The more gears the better. Ask about a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that uses belts and pulleys for an infinite amount of gears. 4. Simplify your drivetrain. Four-wheel and all-wheel drives are less efficient, adding up to an extra 10 percent to fuel consumption. Unless needed, two-wheel drives are your more fuel-efficient alternative.…

Outdoor design trends in Canada for 2016

Canadian design enthusiasts have one more thing to look forward to this spring as new outdoor trends emerge. Make your outdoor living area look as good as it makes you feel so you can take advantage of the season, whether you're relaxing, playing or socializing.  Here, Debbie Travis, Canada's lifestyle expert, who recently launched an exclusive partnership at Sears Canada, shares her favourite new outdoor trends. Space-saving patios: Multi-functional patio sets that save space are a go-to item this year. “No matter how much space we have, it seems there's never enough. That's why it's important to select versatile, space-saving patio sets,” she advises. “When it comes time to put away the patio set for winter, we want to be able to stow it away easily and use minimal space. Sofas that have all the chairs slotted underneath or coffee tables that sit right on top of the sofa make it easy to cover and pack-up.” Travis suggests her Chelsea Conversation set, designed sp…

7 Best Towns in Ontario You Have To Visit in 2016

This is the fist part of the list of the 7 Best Towns in Ontario that You Have To Visit in 2016. If you never been to any of these places it is time to discover them.

1. Elora, Ontario. Ontario's Most Beautiful Village

Elora is a very beautiful and cozy community in the township of Centre Wellington, Ontario. It is located close to Guelph. If you are driving from Toronto it would take about an hour and half to get there. Approximately the same driving range from Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket.

(It is well known for its 19th-century limestone architecture, its artistic community and the geographically significant Elora Gorge.)

What to do: Walk and explore the town.

What to see: The Old Mill in Elora, David St. Bridge, Elora Gorge Conservation Area and Elora Canyon.

Where to eat: Cork Restaurant, Box Social, The Cellar Pub And Grill.

2. Stratford, Ontario. One of the most romantic towns in Ontario

I remember that we’ve discovered Stratford by accident. We were going on camping to t…

A Piece of Ontario Railway Story. Narrow Gauge For Us

Narrow Gauge For Us About the Book

Hard cover, 160 pages 8.5 x 11", 167 b&w illustrations, colour dust jacket.

Published by The Boston Mills Press, Erin ON 1982.

The book features a number of valuable archival photos, the fine Bob Sandusky photography, as well as contributions from individuals and other collections, including that of Bill Hood, Jim Brown, the (then) Paterson-George Collection, and that of the late Hubert Brooks of the Toronto Postcard Club. An accomplished artist, Hubert provided the water colour (painted from a postcard) for the dust jacket. The book also features track diagrams by Bob Sandusky.

Two thousand copies were printed. The book sold out around 1986, and there are no plans to reprint it. For suggestions on where to buy a copy, see below.
About the Railway The Toronto & Nipissing Railway was designed and built between 1869-1872 as a feeder railway for the Toronto Gooderham & Worts enterprises. It was intended that it should reach Lake Nipissing and…

Canoeing or kayaking? Start with Ontario's 500,000 lakes and thousands of kilometres of rivers

You don't have to go out of your way to experience canoeing and kayaking on Ontario's 'water trails'. You can take fantastic day trips that explore countless lakes and waterways within reach of major city centres, or you can head out for a wilderness adventure where the loudest sound is the splash of your paddle and the call of the loon.
No other region in the world offers canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts such a choice of experiences. To get the most out of your trip, consider an extended tour with an experienced guide.
You can even make it a learning vacation that includes instruction, whitewater courses, wildlife photography adventures or gourmet cooking in wilderness – it's fun for all skill levels! And given that so much of Ontario's history was lived on the lakes and rivers, historical and cultural tours are very popular. You may find yourself following the routes of the Aboriginals, the voyageurs and the fur traders.
Whether it's your first time or …

6 Ontario maple syrup festivals you should check out this spring

The end of winter means we are not only welcoming spring into our Canadian hearts, we’re also saying a long-awaited “Eh, hello there” to the sweet nectar of the gods that is maple syrup. Lucky for us, tapping maple trees means plenty of pancake breakfasts and taffy tastings at events across Ontario.

Get your toques and taste buds ready — here are six Ontario maple syrup festivals you won’t want to miss this spring:

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Can anyone suggest the best place to buy a kayak and canoe?

Thinking about buying maybe two kayaks and one canoe. Wanna try kayaking and canoeing in Algonquin Park, Simcoe Lake and our local river in Cannington, Ontario.

I know that maybe the best option is rent for now, but anyway if you know some nice places - recommend please.

Canadian Tire is the fist that is coming to my mind, but I am not sure about quality.

Thanks in advance.

Muskoka Is Among The Ten Best Trips of Summer

On several occasions, Muskoka has been recognized by National Geographic Traveler magazine as a special place to visit. Muskoka is one of their top 20 Best of The World - Must-see places and was chosen as the #1 pick for the Ten Best Trips of Summer. Just recently, Muskoka was recognized by National Geographic as one of the '100 Places That Can Change Your Child's Life." These endorsements from an iconic magazine are testimony to Muskoka's tourism experiences and our quality of life. 

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We Know A Deep Truth About You Based On What Muskoka Chair You Pick

We Know A Deep Truth About You Based On What Muskoka Chair You Pick

AKA Adirondack Chairs, if you’re one of those people.

Check here

Be sure to visit 1st Annual Muskoka Maple Festival

Muskoka Maple Festival Coming to Downtown Huntsville

There is a lot of excitement in Muskoka these days, with another signature Muskoka event coming to the Town of Huntsville this spring.

On April 23, the Huntsville / Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 1st Annual Muskoka Maple Festival, a celebration of Canada's most beloved natural product, maple syrup. Huntsville's downtown core will be transformed into the Mecca of maple for one day of family fun that you won't want to miss!

Maple syrup represents true Canadiana. Nowhere in the world is maple syrup celebrated the way it is in Canada, probably because 71% of the world's pure maple syrup is produced here, with only a few northeastern states in the US producing the rest. The image of the sap bucket hanging from a maple tree in the sugar bush is one that resonates with many Ontarians, often bringing back memories of family trips to the sugar shack and the delightful smell of boiling sap.

The one-day Mu…

Do you have your tickets to the Strumbellas yet? Tickets are still available! April 16 at 4pm and 8pm

When a crowd is feverishly singing along with the last chorus upon first listen, you know it's a song that connects. This is what happens when The Strumbellas play ‘Spirits’ live for the first time, the first single from their forthcoming album, Hope. That experience embodies the essence of what has been attracting fans from across North America to this six-piece Lindsay, Ontario-bred band. The Strumbellas got their start in 2009 with their eponymous EP release, which was peppered with accolades from Toronto weeklies and prompted a proclamation from the CBC that they are a “band to watch.” Since then, the group has been on the road earning their stripes through sold-out residencies at different clubs in Toronto, as well as several cross-country tours and summer festivals. In 2012 the band released their debut album My Father And The Hunter, an album full of haunting lyrics fused with infectious and danceable melodies that won them both fans and critical recognition across multipl…

The Addams Family Musical, April 14 – 23

The Addams Family features the original TV show family in an all-new original story. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. And if that weren't upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents. Performances are April 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23 at 8 p.m., with matinees on April 16 and 23 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $25 for all ages, $75 for a four-pack. Contact Town Hall 18743 Centre for the Performing Arts at 905-985-8181 or

Kawartha Conservation Board reluctantly approves Snowy Ridge Development

The wind turbine project applications in City of Kawartha Lakes are approved, pending Ministerial appeal. Due to legislative constraints in addition to the advice provided by legal counsel, Kawartha Conservation’s Board of Directors deemed there was no option other than to approve Capstone Power Development’s permit applications for their proposed construction of the Snowy Ridge Wind Park in the former Township of Manvers. Based on staff review of the permit applications, a number of permit conditions have been included to ensure that the Snowy Ridge Wind Park can satisfy all of the Conservation Authority’s policy requirements/conditions for construction within a watercourse and a watercourse valley. Any questions about this project and Kawartha Conservation’s regulations can be directed to Kawartha Conservation’s director of watershed management Mark Majchrowski at 705-328-2271 ext. 215 or through email at Source: CAPSCommunityNews

Good Deal from Hidden Valley Resort in Muskoka

Spring is here (well at least snow is almost gone) and there is a very nice spring deal from Hidden Valley Resort again. Hidden Valley Resort is one of the best resorts in Muskoka in my opinion. The resort is hidden close to Huntsville on the Peninsula Lake. "The Hidden Valley Resort is ideally located between Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area and Peninsula Lake minutes from beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park."
Mostly it is famous as a ski resort but we've been there in spring time and it is simply beautiful and peaceful. Their spring package includes room and breakfast (which is classic continental).

So if you like to spend time in Muskoka as we do, go and make a reservation as we did. I am pretty sure that you will enjoy Birches Lounge and Birches Restaurant for drinks and a nice meal.

P.S. And if you like skiing you ought to check their ski hills. That's me on the video learning ski on a black (expert) hill.

Hugo Boss Made In Ukraine

I discovered this sport jacket Hugo Boss in Hudson's Bay store today. I was quite surprised to see a label "made in Ukraine" on Hugo Boss' stuff.