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8 ways paddling can improve your health

Just when we thought nothing could top the “good for you” news about chocolate… …research shows that paddling is good not only for our physical health, but for our mental health as well! Here are some of the benefits that will have you reaching for your paddle: Benefits for your brainLowers stress levels: Being out on the water has a calming effect on the brain and can help lower stress levels. Boosts your mood: Regular paddling can help lower levels of depression and anxiety. Builds confidence: Set paddling goals! Overcoming challenges builds confidence, whether you are a beginner tuning up your j-stroke, or a paddling pro on a backcountry dream trip. Benefits for your bodyWorks the upper body: Increase muscle strength, particularly in the back, arms, shoulders and chest, from moving the paddle against the natural resistance of the water. Increases core strength: With each paddle stroke forward you rotate your torso, which really engages the core muscles. These muscles also help to balanc…