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Immigration to Canada: How to build your network in new country

When we came to Canada six years ago we didn't know many people here. In fact we knew only one family who lived here already and whom were kind enough to meet us at the airport after landing along with our friend from New York who came to Toronto to meet us and our realtor who was helping us to find a place to live. The family we knew introduced us to another family and we became a good friends but that was it. That was the only network we had in Toronto at that time.
We can describe ourself as very friendly people so with no plan and I would say subconsciously we've started to build our network here. After a year or so we already knew quite a few people by then we were starting slowly realize how important the connections and the network are, here in Canada. No matter what your business or occupation is it would help you to succeed.
So here are the 6 steps how to grow your network.
1. Be friendly with people. Don't be shy to do small talks with people everywhere. W…

Life in Canada: How To Buy A Home in Toronto, Ontario

What you should know if you want to buy a home in Canada. 
Probably every immigrant who is coming to Canada have a dream of ownership of the house and if not, eventually you would have that dream at some point. And the good news, the dream can come true one day. Yes we have really crazy housing market today in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area but it can be real. For us, as young family, it came true on third year of our living in Canada. We bough a house in which we still happily live today and today our home is worth almost double from the price we bought it but this is another story.

So what are the steps to buying a home in Greater Toronto Area?
1. You should determine if homeownership is right for you or not. It is not a secret that some people feel more comfortable living in rent for long period of time and they don't want to be committed to certain obligations connected to ownership of the home. But if you want to buy anyway there something you should consider before. Proper…

Top 10 mistakes after immigration to Canada

Top 10 mistakes after immigration to Canada
1. Try to find your first home in good neighbourhood or community. First impression from the new country is very important and don't spoil your excitement after landing in Canada. In our opinion It is better to avoid ethnic minority communities.
2. Don't agree to be a part of the fraud schemes. Especially with insurance, mortgage, banks, taxes All information you need you can find on government websites and government organizations websites. You can always call to the Service Canada, Service Ontario (or other province) or special organizations that help immigrants such Welcome Centre or YMCA.
3. Don't adjust country to experience that you have from your home country. Some of the countries such USA or Australia might have a lot of common with Canada, but many countries are totally different so be ready to 
4. Don't bribe. Never.
5. Avoid conflicts and don't talk about people bad.
6. Always shop around. Don't buy thing…