Immigration to Canada: How to build your network in new country

When we came to Canada six years ago we didn't know many people here. In fact we knew only one family who lived here already and whom were kind enough to meet us at the airport after landing along with our friend from New York who came to Toronto to meet us and our realtor who was helping us to find a place to live. The family we knew introduced us to another family and we became a good friends but that was it. That was the only network we had in Toronto at that time.

We can describe ourself as very friendly people so with no plan and I would say subconsciously we've started to build our network here. After a year or so we already knew quite a few people by then we were starting slowly realize how important the connections and the network are, here in Canada. No matter what your business or occupation is it would help you to succeed.

So here are the 6 steps how to grow your network.

1. Be friendly with people. Don't be shy to do small talks with people everywhere. With your neighbors, your bank, welcome centres, at activities, organizations and institutions.

2. Promote yourself. Always (if appropriate) talk about what do you do for living and how good you are. If you do a web-design for example let people know and there is the chance that they will remember you when them or their friends would need a website.

3. Your kids could be a great source for networking. Attend events and birthdays on which your kids would be invited. Make birthday parties for your kids and invite their school's friends. Talk to parents at kids' activities: hokey, skating, skiing, dancing and so on.

4. Create database. Set up and organize the database with all people you know in Canada with their names, phones, emails and birthdays if you have all that information of course.

5. Be in touch with people in your network. Don't let them forget about you and once in a while reminding campaign. Congratulate them with their birthdays, invite them (if you know them well enough) to your home for coffee or BBQ and so on.

6. Use social media. Social media is one of the best ways to be connected with people in our network. Do don't have to be a close friend to be connected on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Be active (but not annoying) in their social media activity. Like and comment their social media activity. Make sure that your social media profile filled with important informations like your job position or occupation, your education. Make sure to post something related to field in which your work frequently.

Do not underestimate the importance of networking in Canada. It would help you not only with job searching or growing your business but also might help to find a new friends in new country.

Please let me know your thoughts on the subject and if you have any questions let me know in comment.  


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